Admission Procedure-

The steps are as follows:

  1. 1. Fill up the form:

You need to fill up an admission form on our website, upload photo and birth certificate of the child and submit the form.

  1. 2. Confirmation number:

When you submit a filled up form, you will receive a confirmation number automatically in your given email address.

  1. 3. Call from SRO:

When office receives admission form, you will receive a confirmation call from the Students Relations Officer of the particular campus within two working days to ensure that your form and documents have been received. They will confirm you what class your child will seek admission in based on his/ her age belt. They will also email you the syllabus for admission test.

  1. 4. Admit card:

School office will issue an card will be distributed. Your child is required to carry that admit card for admission test and the viva-voce.

  1. 5. Admission Test:

Your child is required to sit for a written admission test. It will take as per scheduled date.

  1. 6. Results of the admission test:

After your child sits for admission test, office will call you by the evening of the test date to let you know the result of the admission test over the phone. Only selected number of students will be invited for the interview due to the limited number of vacancies.

  1. 7. Interview/ viva-voce:

If admission seekers score satisfactory marks in the written test, they will be invited for a viva-voce in the presence of the parents on a pre-scheduled date and time. Timing of the interview is different for different classes.

The original copy of the transcript of previous class and school along with your child's birth certificate will have to be presented in the interview.

  1. 8. Admission:

After your child successfully complete all the admission steps, school prepares a merit list of students seeking admission in a particular class against the vacancies and admission is offered based on merit. You will be informed of the date and time of admission if your child qualifies for the same.

(NB- School reserves the right to admit your child in the school)


For further information please contact:


SRO Senior School : 01784110055

SRO Middle School : 01784-110066

SRO Junior  School :  01784110077



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