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[The followings are the questions frequently asked by the Guardians /Visitors to know about our school, admission procedure and what not.]

1. When does the session start ?
Ans. We start our session in July every year.

2. When should we apply for admission?
Ans. Playgroup to O' Level : Apply early in May . A' Level : Apply in June for the next session.

3. What is the age limit for admission in Playgroup ?
Ans. We advise honourable guardians to apply when the child is 3+ years old.

4.  Where can we get the admission form and where to submit it ?
Ans. You can collect and submit the admission form from and to any campus. Our Junior Campus is at 14, Katalgonj, Middle Campus at 45, Panchlaish R/A and Senior Campus at 51, Panchlaish.

5.  What are the procedures of admission?
Ans. When the admission form is submitted to the office, it is assessed by the admission committee .If selected, the student is called for the Written Test . If he/she qualifies in this Test, he/she in presence of the parents, faces the viva-voce and if finally found suitable, admission  is offered to him/her.

6. On how many subjects is Admission Test taken ?
Ans. The Admission Test is taken on three basic subjects- Bangla, English, and Mathematics.

7. Is Bengali compulsory ?
Ans. Yes , Bengali is compulsory for the students holding Bangladeshi passport.

8. Where are the school uniforms available ?
Ans. Fabrics are available in the Store of every Campus.  Students are required to wear sports dress once a week which too are available in the School Store.

9. Does school provide transport facility?
Ans. Currently transport facilities are not offered by the school.

10. What co-curricular activities does PIS offer to its students?
Ans: Education is certainly not confined only within textbooks, rather it aims at developing individual student's skill. We offer a lot of co-curricular activities round the year both in school hours and after school. Moreover, PIS runs different sports clubs which organize club cup championships. Besides, our students take part in inter school football, cricket, basketball, badminton, chess tournaments. We have a good reputation in CJKS sports events. Some of them are as follows:

  • Duke of Edinburgh Programme
  • Chess
  • Table Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Debate (Both Bangla & English)

11. What social activities do you do ?
Ans: We socialize our students by involving them in different social welfare work so that they can attain leadership quality in order to serve the nation in future . Some of our social activities have been mentioned below :

  • Village Attachment
  • Orphanage Visit
  • Blood Donation
  • Winter Clothes Distribution
  • Cleaning Environment
  • Red Crescent

12. What curriculum do you follow in O' and A' Levels?
Ans. We follow Cambridge Curriculum(GCE) in our school. In fact, PIS is affiliated with the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) since its inception.

13. Can any student get admission into Graduation at the Bangladeshi public University or Medical College after doing their A' Level course ?
Ans: Yes, Ministry of Education has announced that SSC and HSC are equivalent to O' and A' Level Exams. So nowadays,many students are enrolling in Bangladeshi universities. Alongside studying in abroad,many PIS students are studying in BUET,CUET, KUET, IUT,IBA in Dhaka University,Medical Colleges and famous private universities as well.
14. Does PIS observe the national days ?
Ans: Certainly, we observe all the national days in a very grandeur manner. We cherish and uplift Bangladeshi heritage & culture among our students on the eve of celebrating the national days.

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Senior School :

  •  House#51,Road#2,Panchlaish R/A,
  •  Chattogram, Bangladesh
  •  Phone: +8802-41356147, +8802-333336545
  •  E-mail: academy@presidency.ac.bd

Middle School:

  •  House # 45, Road # 2 Panchlaish R/A
  •  Chattogram, Bangladesh.
  •  Phone: +8802-41356145, +8802-41356146
  •  E-mail: academy@presidency.ac.bd

Junior School:

  •  House#14,Road#2,Katalgonj R/A
  •  Chattogram,Bangladesh
  •  Phone: +8802-333336548
  •  E-mail: academy@presidency.ac.bd