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Education aims at making a child, a qualified and dignified person in the context of competitive and contemporary social background, through proper blooming of his/her latent talent. We believe, along with modern technology based teaching, the practice of moral and ethical teaching can module a child as a balanced and ideal personality. But it is a matter of regret that our age-old education systems made futile attempt so far. Keeping this in mind, we are committed to build up our students through a unique education system with which they can be able to lead the modern competitive world and a role model to be followed.

To be educated in English medium does not mean to be an Englishman or a European; rather we look forward to creating eligible and patriotic citizens through nourishing our domestic culture and tradition and by inflicting leadership quality among them so that they can lead the country in future. Apart from the current culture in the English medium schools of the country, we are promised to offer our students a learning environment which will protect them from the vulgarity and alien ideal upholding moral values. Alongside Cambridge curriculum, PIS includes History, Arabic learning and Ethics to the syllabus. We, meanwhile, bagged country wide reputation for the multi-faced co-curricular activities. Overall, the environment of the school has been designed so as to facilitate the students an ample scope to evolve their moral values and exercise good manners.

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Senior School :

  •  House#51,Road#2,Panchlaish R/A,
  •  Chattogram, Bangladesh
  •  Phone: +8802-41356147, +8802-333336545
  •  E-mail: academy@presidency.ac.bd

Middle School:

  •  House # 45, Road # 2 Panchlaish R/A
  •  Chattogram, Bangladesh.
  •  Phone: +8802-41356145, +8802-41356146
  •  E-mail: academy@presidency.ac.bd

Junior School:

  •  House#14,Road#2,Katalgonj R/A
  •  Chattogram,Bangladesh
  •  Phone: +8802-333336548
  •  E-mail: academy@presidency.ac.bd