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Outing is a part of education which removes the monotony of academic activities. PIS is very much conscious about it. ‘ Travelling widens horizon’- driven by this objective, we make different tour at different times of the year.

A team of twenty one students of PIS ventured a 10-day educational and cultural tour to NASA, U.S.A. in October 2013. From this expedition, the trip-makers experienced unique opportunity to equip themselves with knowledge of exchanging culture working together and expanding their domain of learning. NASA trek package also included visiting Disney World-Magic Kingdom, Universal Studio, Niagra Falls, Exciting and Historical places in the New York City.

Besides, optimistic science loving students of PIS visited the Singapore International Science Camp in 2014 and 2017 jointly organised by the APCME(Asia Pacific Centre for Management Education) and SMIT(Singapore alliance MIT). This tour enlightened the students about new technological advancements by introducing them with Laparoscopic Operation,Waste Incineration Plant, Workmanship, Amazing Science Race and vast knowledge of new Technology.In addition,they visited Singapore International Science Centre and National University of Singapore too.

We take our students to the attachment of the village people; their life style and daily activities are shown to the adolescent masterminds of our school.

We also make tour to mills, factories and industries where students can learn the process of producing different items. In addition to this, our students have visited Bangladesh NAVY, Air Force and Cantonment, amusement parks like Foy’s Lake, Childrens’ Park, Kaptai Lake Tea Garden and what not.

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