Update News:
  • Parents are requested to check & sign childrens’ diary daily for homework and notices given.
  • Parents are expected to pack their childrens’ bag to ensure that they are taking all necessary books, copies, and stationeries everyday. They are expected to check their Child’s bag so that they can’t bring any toy or harmful things in school.
  • Parents are expected not to enter the school premises during school hour without appointment. They can meet principal or teachers after taking appointment.
  • They are expected to convey their complaints (regarding studies or any other discomfort) and suggestions as early as possible to the school authority.
  • Parents are expected to have Guardian cards obtainable from the school office. It is advisable for Playgroup to KG children that the person authorized to take the pupil home would have the card and be able to show it if requested by the school authority.
  • Parents are expected to cooperate with teachers and staff in conducting their jobs. They are expected to behave politely and decently with teachers. Misbehaviour of parents will result in suspension/expulsion of their children.
  • They are expected not to give any tips to the staff as it can result in unequal care towards children.
  • Parents are expected to provide home made food to their children. Chips, chocolates, fast food etc. can attract other children and cause disturbance in the classroom and therefore can be avoided. They are expected to give the spoon (if necessary) in the tiffin box.
  • Parents are asked not to give money for tiffin or as pocket money.
  • Children should be collected from school as soon as classes are over each day. The school   will not accept responsibility for students who remain in the premises for more than half an hour after school.

 Private Tuition:

  • Private tuition conducted by PIS teachers is not allowed.
  • Students taking private tuition from a PIS teacher will be suspended or expelled immediately and the same may happen to that teacher as well.
  • The school regularly arranges remedial classes for the slow learners as well as extra coaching classes (after school) for all students.

Traffic Code:

  • Parking is prohibited along the school gate.
  • Drivers must not make ‘U’ turn infront of the school gate.
  • Children should carry their school bags with them in the car and not at the back of the car. This way they will not hold up the traffic.
  • Junior Campus: While dropping and picking your child at and from school, please come by roads no. 1, 3 and 4 from the east and take your departure using road no.2 on the west to avoid traffic congestion in front of the school.
  • Middle Campus: Students coming to middle campus will come from the west and their vehicles will leaves by the east.
  • Senior Campus: To avoid huge traffic congestion in front of the school gate in the morning, all vehicles will come from the East (Passport Office side) and go by the West.

Transfer and other Certificates:

  • Parents are required to give, one month notice to draw any certificate or to withdraw their child.
  • Parents withdrawing their child at the end of the academic year are liable for the fees of July and August, as these months are part of the preceding school year.

Transfer Certificates will only be issued after the student has obtained a ‘Clearance Certificate’ from the school accountant, librarian, class teacher and office.

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Middle School:

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